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Why you need a website now

Why you need a website now?
A website is the best place to publish your content.. your articles, stories and pictures.

Some free sites or blog sites who offer free hosting may have you agree to their terms and conditions, that they can use your content as they like, to promote their website, company or portal.

They might place advertisements on your content pages and use your pictures.

We suggest that you post content on your website from a domain name that you own. For example (www.yourwebsite1.com), then post it again on other websites or social networking portals, referring to your original article and content on your website.

Let your website be a record of your published work, your intellectual property, your copyrights. It’s your publication.

Send us a message,
1. we set it up for you or,
2. provide you with the web space to set it up and self-manage your website.

At an affordable price.

Writers computer and tools picture

Publish your work on your website. Advertise and build your identity.

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